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Can Flossing Help a Toothache?

9th December 2022
Can Flossing Help a Toothache - Blythe Road Dental Practice
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You could occasionally discover a piece of the last popcorn kernel stuck in your gums. It pierces close to the nerves leading to your teeth and is sharp and painful. Flossing and a follow-up rinse with warm saltwater will quickly relieve this sort of toothache (a technique to stop infections and encourage recovery).

Tooth Decay

Although wedged food might be a quick-made enemy with a short treatment, tooth decay is the main cause of toothaches. The bacteria that are carried by debris and plaque that surrounds your teeth eats away at your enamel. Your nerves’ defences are lowered, allowing for more sensitivity there. When tooth decay requires treatment we offer white fillings Hammersmith.

Some Steps to Take

Flossing is more than just a quick remedy for getting rid of an unwanted intruder in your gums. If done correctly, flossing is one of the finest toothache prevention methods. If you don’t floss daily, plaque and other debris will accumulate and become a prime target for bacteria that attack your nerves. Although flossing is good for your dental health, it can also be done wrong.

If you remove debris too forcefully, you risk harming your gums. Drs. Michael Z. Hopkins and Robert Quan advise their patients to follow these guidelines when flossing:

  1. Brush your teeth first, being gentle with your gums, moving back and forth to remove plaque and debris, and flossing frequently (once a day recommended).
  2. Be careful with your gums as you swivel back and forth to collect plaque and debris.
  3. Always floss (once a day recommended).

Still Hurting?

Flossing won’t treat toothaches or decay if you’ve passed the stage of preventative measures, but it will stop them from getting worse. Our team at Blythe Road is ready to help so you can keep calm; whether you have a persistent toothache or need guidance on how to properly care for your teeth. Put the responsibility for your long-term oral health in the capable hands of our Hammersmith dentists to relieve you of the burden.