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Oral Hygienist

Dental Hygienist Hammersmith

Are you looking for a dental hygienist in Hammersmith or the surrounding area? 

Come and see the team at Blythe Road Dental Practice and we can make your smile sparkle once again!

Dental hygienist Hammersmith - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Prevention and cure

Maintaining good oral health is a fundamental way of ensuring good overall health. Regular professional examinations from a dental hygienist in Hammersmith are an easy and simple way to maintain your dental health.

During your appointment with Helen Mapley, our oral hygienist, she will examine your teeth, mouth, and gums to evaluate their overall health and will discuss any emerging or long-term problems with you, including common issues like gum disease or cavities. 

After, our team will then treat or remedy your dental and oral health problems, talking you through the issue and treatment, with professional advice on how to care for your teeth and gums in future. 

The role of the dental hygienist is both preventative and remedial. While they, or a dentist, will treat issues when they present themselves, it is also essential that you keep your mouth, teeth, and gums in the best of health – which can be achieved using the advice of your dental hygienist. 

This is where your dental hygienist has an important role to play, with a personalised maintenance programme recommended by your dentist.

Dental Hygienist Hammersmith - Blythe Road Dental Practice

What can a dental hygienist in Hammersmith do?

The role of a dental hygienist differs from that of a dentist and as such, they cannot carry out the full range of treatments a dentist can. 

Your hygienist, however, is qualified to:

  • Give you an ultrasonic and hand scale 

Scaling removes the harmful plaque (which contains oral bacteria) and tartar/calculus deposits which can lead to gum disease, increasing your risk not only of early tooth loss but also of strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. 

  • Offer a clean and polish

Also using a range of ultrasonic and hand equipment, polishing removes superficial stains on the teeth and makes your teeth shinier. 

Though this sounds purely cosmetic, it smooths away minor imperfections and patches of rough texture that plaque could build up on – lessening your risk of bacteria and plaque build-up. 

  • Offer advice on a range of conditions or circumstance 

If you have problems with sensitivity or are concerned about bad breath, Helen can discuss possible causes and suggest appropriate solutions.

Similarly, if you have implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures, she can advise on how best to look after them and help them last as long as possible. 

After your treatment, you’ll be pleased with how much smoother your teeth feel, and with the removal of potentially years of staining, your healthier and whiter smile will boost your confidence and make you feel a million dollars.

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Dental hygienist Hammersmith - Blythe Road Dental Practice