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Can Flossing Help a Toothache - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Can Flossing Help a Toothache?

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You could occasionally discover a piece of the last popcorn kernel stuck in your gums. It pierces close to the nerves leading to your teeth and is sharp and painful. Flossing and a follow-up rinse with warm saltwater will quickly relieve this sort of toothache (a technique to stop infections and encourage recovery). Tooth Decay [...]
Cleaning between teeth - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Cleaning between teeth

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What is the best way of cleaning between teeth? The best approach to clean in between your teeth is with dental floss or interdental brushes. To avoid hurting your gums, only use 8 to 10 strokes of the floss, moving it up and down as far as it will allow. Avoid pressing too firmly (such [...]
Why is it important to look after baby teeth? - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Why is it important to look after baby teeth?

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It’s a frequent misperception that when baby teeth eventually fall out and are replaced by a set of adult teeth, to think that they are not as significant. Baby decay can cause pain and infection, which can make it difficult to eat, sleep, and focus. Children’s dental infections can occasionally result in flaws in the […]

A guide to Invisalign aftercare - Blythe Road Dental Practice

A Guide To Invisalign Aftercare

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Invisalign is a very popular way to straighten teeth because, unlike metal braces, it is nearly invisible and can straighten teeth in as little as 9 to 15 months. But, just like with metal braces, you still have to do things after your orthodontic treatment: Wear Retainers By wearing your retainers, you keep your teeth [...]
Should you get your wisdom teeth taken out?

Should you get your wisdom teeth taken out?

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Your wisdom teeth are the last ones to come in. If your mouth is already full, they can make things worse. But even if they aren’t bothering you yet, your dentist may tell you to get rid of them. Find out more about your wisdom teeth and what to expect when they start to come […]

How often should you have dental check ups? - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Dental Check-ups – How Often Should You Have Them?

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Dental check-ups are essential for oral care, but how often should you have them? With some people swearing by six-monthly dental check-ups and others adamant that yearly checks are enough, it can be difficult to determine what is best for you. Here we look at the benefits of sticking to six-monthly dental check-ups. Have a [...]
Periodontitis and gingivitis taken seriously - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Periodontitis and gingivitis should be taken very seriously

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Most of us are probably proud of how well we take care of our teeth by brushing and, if we’re lucky, flossing every day. This is good, but many of us probably don’t pay nearly as much attention to how healthy our gums are. Even though an infected gum may not hurt as much as […]

Composite Fillings - All You Need to Know - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Composite Fillings – All You Need To Know

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Most people will have to have a tooth filling at some point in their lives, whether it's because of an accident, injury, poor oral care (cavities, tooth enamel erosion, etc.), or because they're old. Composite fillings are a simple alternative to traditional metal tooth fillings. They are one of the safe and long-term treatments we [...]
Porcelain veneers - your complete guide - Blythe Road Dental Practice

Porcelain Veneers – Your Complete Guide

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Veneers are an increasingly popular choice for many people. They have many benefits and are available from most dentists. Read on to find out all you need to know about porcelain dental veneers. Veneers Explained Dental veneers are custom made, thin shells that fit onto existing teeth using a strong adhesive that holds the veneers [...]
The 5 reasons you need to see your dental hygienist - Blythe Road Dental Practice

The 5 Reasons Why You Need To See Your Dental Hygienist

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A dental hygienist actually has a lot in common with your dentist. He takes care of the health of your gums, and also overlooks your general dental health. Not only that, a dental hygienist will also work to regularly clean, and restore your naturally vibrant smile, and keep your dental health in check. There are [...]
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