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A lot can happen in 120 days…


What are Fastbraces? 

Fastbraces offer fast and affordable orthodontic options for patients with complex misalignment issues. 

The Fastbrace system works by moving the root of the tooth from the beginning using triangular-shaped brackets and a thinner, single archwire. 

This is different to traditional fixed braces that move the crowns of the teeth and then the roots with less flexible square brackets – which vastly increases treatment time. 

Blythe Road Fast Braces

Blythe Road Fastbraces

How long do Fastbraces take?

In some cases, Fastbraces can allow orthodontic treatment to be completed in half the time or less of traditional orthodontic treatments – around 6 months –  to correct misalignment, but a true timeline will depend on the needs of the patient. 

If you would like to know how long treatment might take for you, it’s best to speak to our friendly orthodontist in Hammersmith – otherwise suggested treatment timelines will only be an estimate. 


What do Fastbraces look like? 

Fastbraces look more like traditional fixed braces, with specialist triangular brackets that are secured to the surface of the teeth, through which a slim archwire is fixed. 

Unlike the almost invisible custom-aligners of Invisalign in Hammersmith,  patients frequently choose Fastbraces over Invisalign, because of the increased treatment timeline – which is considered more important than aesthetics. 


Contact Blythe Road for a range of orthodontic options 

With a wide range of effective orthodontic treatments on the market, you’ve never had more options for tooth straightening than you do now – meaning your straight even smile is closer than you think.  

If Fastbraces seem like the ideal solution for your orthodontic needs, the team at Blythe Road can help. 

To book a consultation with our orthodontist in Hammersmith or to ask any questions, why not call us on 020 7602 5089?