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Oral Hygienist

Your dental hygienist, your oral health

Good oral health is a fundamental part of good health and regular professional examinations and attention are fundamental to good oral health.

Your dentist will examine your teeth, mouth and gums, and will treat, with your consent, your dental and oral health problems. But it is also important to keep your mouth, teeth and gums in the best of health, all the time. This is where your dental hygienist has an important role to play, with a personalised maintenance programme recommended by your dentist.

Prevention is better than cure

Your hygienist is qualified to give you an ultrasonic & hand scale & polish to remove the harmful plaque (which contains oral bacteria) and tartar/calculus deposits which can lead to gum disease, putting you at risk not only of early tooth loss but also of strokes, diabetes and heart disease. You’ll be pleased how much smoother your teeth feel afterwards, and with the removal of staining, your natural confidence will come through in your healthy smile.

She will help you (and your children) learn and maintain good habits of dental care, offering guidance on proper brushing and flossing and advising on what to eat and drink (and what to avoid!).

If you have problems with sensitivity or are concerned about bad breath, she can discuss possible causes and suggest appropriate solutions.

If you have implants, crowns, bridges or dentures, she can advise on how best to look after them.