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Dental implants in Hammersmith

10th May 2021
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Blythe Road Dental Practice is the top-rated clinic for dental implants in Hammersmith. Dental implants are the most suitable option for anyone looking to get a replacement for one or more broken teeth. Dental implants have become one of the most popular dental procedures lately as implants have gotten more and more sophisticated. Using cutting-edge technology, more recently developed implants are able to simulate the sensation of natural teeth much more closely.

What exactly are dental implants?

Many people do not understand what dental implants are and are simply put off by the sheer cost of the procedure. Dental implant surgery, to put it more accurately, is a procedure whereby by the existing tooth roots. The implants are screws made out of metal. These screws can then be used to hold in place the crown, which is a replacement for the actual tooth.

Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants require no support from the existing teeth. So, even if you require a single implant or multiple, there is no need to worry about the current condition of your teeth. This is what makes dental implants so comfortable and seem like real teeth. If you are looking for a teeth replacement procedure, then getting dental implants in Hammersmith, or wherever you reside, is the most feasible option.

Benefits of getting dental implants:

Here a few reasons that will justify the amount you spend on getting dental implants:

Looks better:

This is an obvious advantage of getting implants. Each dental implant is designed to look like your own tooth but better. They look healthy, white, and new, unlike old, damaged teeth. Dental implants also outdo dentures and bridges aesthetically since implants provide a seamless and clean replacement. They are fused to the root and look completely realistic when done right.

Improve eating:

With dental implants, there are no worries of the tooth or teeth moving around or needing adjustment; the implants are securely embedded.  This makes dental implants excellent for practical purposes and not just for looking better. People are better able to chew their food which improves their overall enjoyment of eating.  This is why dental implants in Hammersmith are becoming so popular.


Many people compare the upfront costs for dental procedures, and implants are high up the list. However, when you take into consideration the comfort, convenience, and durability, dental implants are right on top. They require little maintenance, and you can opt for replacement teeth that are permanent or temporary. Overall, dental implants in Hammersmith are an investment that costs less when everything is accounted for.

Making a choice – Dental implants in Hammersmith

If you are looking to replace broken or damaged teeth or multiple teeth then, conducting research into dental implants is worth the effort. At Blythe Road Dental Practice, we deliver the best dental implants in Hammersmith and adjacent areas. Each implant is customized and specifically designed to deliver the best results and maximize comfort. This way, you get the most natural experience from teeth that look perfect while looking 100% natural.

Our Dental implant practice is only a short drive away from Hammersmith!