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Braces – What to consider before having them fitted

2nd December 2021
Deciding adult braces - Blythe Road Dental Practice
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Although people tend to associate braces with children and teenagers, they are widely used for adults. If you are thinking of having braces fitted to help straighten your teeth, read on for the key points you should consider.

Are braces suitable for my age? – Many people wonder if they are too old for braces. The short answer is no. You can have braces when you are older, and they are often highly successful. It is quicker and easier to move teeth with braces for children, but it can still work well for adults. It may just take longer. The confidence teeth straightening can bring make it worth it.

Timescale of treatment – Treatment time will vary between patients. It can take anything from a few months to years. Factors that will affect this include your oral health, your bite and the degree of straightening required.

Appearance – You may picture metal tracks on the teeth when you think of braces. Thankfully, braces are no longer like the ‘train tracks’ of old. There are several types of braces to consider. These include:

Cost – This will vary depending on the type of braces you choose and the length of treatment. Consult a dental specialist, such as Blythe Road, to find out what your options are. There may be finance plans available, enabling you to spread the cost.

Brace maintenance – You will need to ensure proper oral hygiene throughout your braces treatment. This includes twice-daily brushing, daily flossing and the use of good fluoride toothpaste. Depending on the type of braces you have, you may need to avoid certain foods and drinks. You may also need to remove and clean the braces. This will all be covered in your consultation. Ceramic braces may stain easily, and clear Invisalign braces must be removed a few hours a day. Each type of brace will differ when it comes to maintenance. You should follow the guidance from your dental specialist to ensure you get the results you desire at the end of your treatment.

In summary, every person’s dental need is slightly different. Once you have decided on the braces most suited to your needs, you can look at treatment plans, cost and aftercare.

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