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5 Ways That Can Help You Boost Oral Health

3rd June 2021
Young woman flossing her teeth in mirror - Blythe Road Dental Practice
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When it comes to a disease or physical health issues, all of us ensure that we are in our best shape and form. Most of us fail to realize the importance of oral health and do not pay enough attention to it. According to a study conducted in the UK, around 49% of adults did not see a dentist in a period of 24 months, and almost half of Brits did not see the dentist. Another study stated that 50% of Brits who feel self-conscious about their teeth are investing in trying to look better. Read on to find out ways that help boost your oral health.

1. Teeth whitening

A teeth whitening treatment is one of the most common and cost-effective ways that can help you boost your oral health and hygiene in less than no time. It is a quick process that is completed within an hour with absolutely no side effects. After going through the treatment, you will be not only able to smile confidently but also feel good. We at Blythe Road Dental Practice offer highly professional whitening treatments that can also be tailored according to your requirements.

2.  Dental implants

Dental implants in Hammersmith are used in situations when people need their teeth to be replaced, or they need to fill a gap between the teeth as it looks unnatural. They help replace the empty place or a missing tooth, which also helps with eating comfortably, not feeling awkward in front of people, and increase the feeling of comfort. However, keep in mind that dental implants are not recommended for people who grind or clench their teeth and are dependent on drugs and steroids.

3. Dental fillings

Dental fillings and tooth fillings are treatments that help to build up the missing structure of teeth, such as filling in for tooth decay. Fillings serve the purpose of occupying space where the original tooth was before it decayed or broke. It is an easy procedure that does not take up much time and is not painful either. Furthermore, keep in mind that for fillings to last a long time, you will have to limit your sugar intake and avoid tobacco.

4.   Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a process that boosts oral health and hygiene and removes plaque from the teeth. It helps prevent future situations and problems such as cavities, gingivitis, and other dental diseases. Getting your teeth cleaned can be a little uncomfortable, or you might feel irritated at times, but overall, it is a smooth procedure with a visible good outcome.

5. Teeth polish

If you consult our professional and highly qualified dentists at Blythe Road Dental Practice, they will suggest that you should get teeth polish done at least twice a year. If you want to maintain good oral hygiene and a healthy mouth, teeth polish will help you get rid of stains, remove bacteria from teeth roots, and prevent bacteria buildup.